LOUIS XIII : The Bottle Case - Clay


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The LOUIS XIII Cognac Bottle Case allows you to carry THE DROP close to your body as you travel, unrestrained by place and time. Along with THE DROP, freely mix and combine expressions that reflect your mindset and reveal your personality. Choose the Clay Bottle Case and MAKE IT SMOOTH.


What if centuries of wisdom, heritage and emotion could be captured, distilled and condensed down into a single instant? Over centuries, LOUIS XIII visionaries have become masters of time, seizing every fleeting second and shaping an ever-evolving, ever-enduring legacy. Small enough to be held tightly in the hands, THE DROP encapsulates an innate mindset of spontaneous appropriation.

An ode to spontaneity

The key to timelessness is spontaneity. A legacy must evolve to allow the present being a place in space and time. THE DROP breaks away from what is already defined in the quest for the realms of wonder and possibility. The most powerful experiences are the ones you set in motion and make your own. Make it yours.