Amrut Greedy Angels 10 Year Old Peated Rum Finish


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About the Whisky

This masterpiece has been created using 100% unpeated 6-row Indian Barley. This whisky is all soul, with the liquid having spent 10 years in Ex-Bourbon barrels and willfully dictates Amrut’s signature style. One can witness the joyous tropical fruits cocooned in Vanilla and Caramel while being caressed by woody spices. “Amrut had worked extra hard for this”, says Ashok Chokalingam, Master Distiller, Amrut Distilleries. “We are very delighted that we have managed to keep the tannins at bay which is a usual problem during maturation of whiskies in the tropic. The magic strength at bottling this time is 55% abv.” he observes. “The angels of Bangalore live up to their fame”, concludes Ashok, “this land can make whiskies that will amaze and stun you every single time.” Amrut Distilleries, known for placing Indian whiskies on the world whisky map is now poised with an exciting new release ‘Greedy Angels Single Malt Whisky 10 YO’ – the second of it’s name in 2019. 900 bottles have been bottled and are now heading to the North American, Australasia & European markets to be picked up by lucky customers who can lay their hands on them by mid-August! Style: A fruity affair with signature Amrut characters enveloped around it.

10 Year Old