Aberlour Single Cask Single Malt 1992 28 Year Old


About the Whisky

A real flagship bottling of Claxton’s single cask single malt, which is an exceptional opportunity to present a hard to come by exclusive bottling of this nature. There is little if any independent bottling of Aberlour of this age and quality in the market and sure to be attractive to a wide spectrum of enthusiasts, collectors, retailers and customers. Lot’s of depth on the nose with old leather and musky notes, lot’s of old wood influence and an undertone of vanilla. A delight on the palate rich and wholesome with crème brulee, warm fudge, toffee and more vanilla. Gentle and smooth on the pallet but full of stark fresh fruitiness, flavour and complexity followed by a medium finish with cocoa, hazelnuts and hint of liquorice relaxing into sweet biscuits. You can really tell the age and maturity of this dram right from the off like sitting back in an old chesterfield in a large country manor with the mahogany bookcase to one side and the open fire roaring in front of you. A must have for any ardent collector.

28 Year Old